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News: Talk From St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby


As a club we have supported St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby for many years and we were pleased to welcome Alison Lark as our guest last week to give us an update.

St Andrew’s, which also incorporates Andy’s Children’s Hospice, cares for individuals with life limiting illnesses and offers support to their family and carers. Although priority is given to end of life care this is only part of what they do. People are also referred to the hospice through the medical profession for short stays (perhaps because their carer is temporarily ill themselves) or ongoing care and support.

The facilities are very impressive and help ensure everyone has the best experience possible. The annual running costs are over £4M with around 80% being provided through donations and fund raising. Our club is pleased to offer it’s ongoing support. The scarcity of hospices means members of our local community may well use St Andrew’s, in fact Andy’s hospice is the only children’s hospice in the area.

Visit the St Andrew’s Hospice Website to find out more.