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News: Talk from Councillor Colin Matthews


This year is was decided we should understand more about the work of the local government and tonight we were joined by Councillor Colin Matthews and his wife Councillor Helen Matthews. After the meal Colin spoke to us about his work as a Lincolnshire Country Councillor, a role he has been in for around 18 months.

Lincolnshire County Council is well regarded nationally despite being disadvantaged by ‘per head’ funding formula’s which work against our large, sparsely populated county. It has an annual budget of around £180M with 5,000 employees being supervised by 70 councillors. The Conservatives have a healthy majority and Colin explained that this, combined with having a Conservative Government, enabled more to be achieved than if the vote was more evenly distributed. All those with experience, including Colin, agreed however that party politics had had a very negative effect on local government.

Colin discussed the role of the many committees and panels he sits on explaining that the bulk of the job was carried out behind the scenes at Lincoln scrutinising the work of the council staff.

Finally Colin took questions on hospitals, roads and public rights of way on farmland. Thanks to Councillor Matthews for joining us and giving us an insight into his time at LCC.