The Rotary Club of Alford & Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, UK • Established 1978 • Home club of Rotary International Past President Bill Huntley

Committees, Club Council & Office Holders

All Rotary clubs are organised and run in accordance with the standard club constitution adopted by Rotary International. The operation of each club is in the hands of a Club Council which comprises the club officers (elected on an annual basis) and up to six others members elected by the club members each year. Reporting to Club Council are committees which relate to Rotary’s Avenues of Service – the foundation on which club activity is based. Committee Chairs are appointed by the club President but will often serve for longer than a year both to ensure continuity and because many projects extend across more than one term of office.

2017/18 Club Council

President:Nigel Collins
President Elect:David Brailsford
Vice President:Geoff Allen
Secretary:Dianne Baxter (assisted by David Black)
Treasurer:Roger Banfield
Past President:Dianne Baxter
Councillors:David Black, John Clarke, John Handley, Kath Hayes, Judi Rastall, Len Taylor

Club Administration

Club Administration:David Brailsford
Attendance:Jean Banfield
House:David Brailsford
Speaker Finder:David Brailsford
Entertainment:John Handley
Welfare:Gill Marsh
Protection / Health & Safety:Chris Lilley
Archivist:Edwin Wrigley
Sergeant-at-Arms:Len Taylor
Membership:Chris Drew (chair), Dianne Baxter, Nigel Collins, John Clarke

Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation:Len Taylor (chair), Roger Banfield

Service Committees

International Service:Kath Hayes (chair), Geoff Allen, Grant Allan, Jim Needley
Community Service:Judi Rastall (chair), Jean Banfield, Geoff Allen, Kath Hayes, David Brailsford, Sanjay Pilani
Vocational Service:Chris Lilley (chair), John Carter (Kids Out), Gill Marsh, John Clarke
Youth Service:Paddy Prince (chair), Chris Lilley (RYLA), David Black (Peace)
Publicity/Communications:Chris Drew (social media & website), David Black (communications officer)

Community Service & Environment

Covers the projects and activities the club undertakes to improve life in its community.

Rotary Foundation & International Service

Encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace.

Vocational Service & Youth Service

Encourages Rotarians to serve others through their vocations and to practice high ethical standards. The Youth Service aspect focuses on young people and what they can do to transform their own lives and the lives of others via school and community youth projects, programs and activities.

Communications & Public relations

Keeps members informed of Rotary activities and publicises the club activities in the community.


Auditors:Geoff Allen, Gary Davies