The Rotary Club of Alford & Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, UK • Established 1978 • Home club of Rotary International Past President Bill Huntley

News: Disaster Relief for The Caribbean


In September the most powerful hurricane to hit the Atlantic in ten years, Hurricane Irma, devastated the islands in the North East Caribbean. Thanks to our clubs ongoing fund-raising efforts we were in a good position to be able to donate money immediately to help those affected.

We have a proud history of buying Shelter Boxes which containing the essentials a family needs to survive after they have lost everything – from a tent and mosquito nets to water purification and cooking equipment. Shelter boxes are stored all over the world waiting to be rapidly deployed when needed and we were able to purchase another six boxes (costing approx £3,600) to help ensure the supplies are not exhausted.

We also chose to donate £500 to the local Rotary District who established a disaster relief fund. This money will be managed by the Rotarians who live and work in the area’s affected. We can be confident that their support will be intelligently directed to those in the greatest need regardless of their social status, race, religion, political views etc.

Finally we donated a further £250 to the Red Cross Hurricane Irma Appeal partly because the UK Government is matching donations (up to £3 million) so our £250 donation should hopefully grow to £500.

Some Rotarians and others made personal donations but we can’t give these sort of sums without the help of the local community and both the Mablethorpe and Alford Co-op welcomed us into their stores to perform collections. It’s wonderful to see so many people donate and over the four days we collected £794 making the total raised over £1,500. This amount also includes money from collections at The Half Moon Hotel, The Blacksmiths Arms and Spilsby Spar. Thank you so much to everybody who supported us – just imagine how much difference we have been able to make to the lives of people by working together.

Chris Lilley collecting at Alford Co-op

Chris Lilley collecting at Alford Co-op

Chris and Kath collecting in Mablethorpe Co-op

Chris and Kath collecting in Mablethorpe Co-op

Nigel and Rodger collecting at Mablethorpe Co-op

Nigel and Roger collecting at Mablethorpe Co-op